Anatomy Of A Vaping Device – What You Should Know

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The adverse consequences of smoking cigarettes are no longer a secret. The high amounts of tobacco present in them is one of the leading causes of cancer, which is why a lot of smokers today have shifted or are actively shifting to vaping devices. You can find yours at Vape Store Hub where there are all sorts of vapes and mods available in addition to the kits, liquids, and other accessories to make your experience better with each puff.

Components That Make Your Vape

Vaporizers are quite different from cigs in the way they operate. There are multiple components involved in an electronic nicotine delivery system and in this article, we’re going to go through all of these components. So, let’s dive right into the anatomy of your vape or mod.

The E-Liquid

The effects of vaping that you get are mostly due to the e-juice that it contains. All vapes and mods require an e-liquid which often contains nicotine among other ingredients like vegetable glycerin. What makes vapes more appealing is that unlike a cigarette where you are left with an unpleasant burning odor, e-liquids come in a variety of flavors. You can get apple, grape, berry, mint, and more as per your preference, making your experience far better than it would with a vape’s counterpart. You can find the best e-juices online at Vape Store Hub.

The Cartridge

This is the container where e-juice is stored. Since vapes and mods are long-running devices, most modern ones allow you to access this cartridge and refill it. How long the liquid lasts depends upon the size of your cartridge and the setting of your vape.

The Battery

In our contemporary world, pretty much piece of technology required a battery to run – so does a vape. But don’t worry! Unlike your smartphone, a fully charged battery on your vaping device can offer several days of use. You can find a small battery case at the other end of your device. Although they can be replaced, we recommend getting a vape with a rechargeable battery. It’ll make things a whole lot easier for you.

The Atomizer

So there’s e-liquid in your device, and there are batteries. But how do you change that liquid into inhalable steam? Well, that’s where an atomizer comes in. An atomizer accesses the liquid, and uses the battery to break it into vapor for you to puff. The thing that’s amazing about this particular component is that it takes milliseconds to turn the liquid into vapor – the process repeats with each puff you take.

The Driptip A.K.A The Mouthpiece

So there’s no filter as such in an electronic vape, instead, there is a mouthpiece. This, as the name states, is the part where you take the puff from. Some vapes and mods also come with replaceable mouthpieces. In fact, different drip tips can offer different benefits like easier puffing, or greater smoke, etc. To get your preferred mouthpiece, simply visit Vape Store Hub today online.

The Tank

Now, there are multiple components in an e-vape o mod, and all of them work in harmony to provide you with the ultimate puff. The tank’s role in this whole process is to keep all of these components in place. Think of it as the skeleton of your device where all the components are fitted. The stronger this tank is, the more durable your vaporizer will be.

Vape Store Hub – Home To The Best Vaping Devices And Accessories

If you’re into mods or looking forward to making a healthier switch from cigarettes to e-devices, Vape Store Hub online is the place you need to visit. We offer all the different types of vaporizers including pen and portable ones so you can choose what suits you the best.

In addition, Vape Store Hub also offers countless e-liquid flavors, starter kits, mods, and coils, etc. to amplify your e-vaping experience. We stock some of the most elite brands and accessories for you to browse from.

For information regarding our products, you can reach us at, or dial 7417444714! Rest assured as our team of experts guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, be it a general query, or a list of questions you need to be addressed before purchasing your first electronic vaporizer.

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